Dance Class Descriptions


This class consists of training the body as an instrument of artistic expression. Emphasis is on development of flexibility, strength, coordination, and awareness of the principles of motion. The study of dance as an art form is explored within the lyrical class. Students will learn to feel the choreography rather than simply execute the movements. This is a great companion to any jazz or ballet class. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced placement is available. (Contemporary & Modern disciplines are explored within our Company Lyrical classes.)

Attire: Black dance attire and covered toe ½ soles. Check with Haley’s Dance Closet for appropriate shoe (631.450.4333). Hair must be secured back away from face.

Broadway Jazz

This one hour class includes lyrics for songs, staging, entrances and exits, props, and costuming. This class is a great way to enjoy another style of jazz while we re-create scenes from some of our favorite Broadway shows.
Children will receive copies of show tunes and lyrics to bring home for practice as they will become more and more familiar with stage performances of the past and present.

Attire: Black dance attire, jazz shoes for K-1 classes through pre-teen, black character shoes for pre- teen and older. Check with Haley’s Dance Closet for appropriate shoe (631.450.4333). Hair must be secured back away from face.

Hip Hop

This class allows the student to develop the physical strength and attitude of a true hip hop dancer. Warm-up focuses on strength, stretch, and isolations. These high-energy classes include a variety of techniques, including poppin’, lockin’, house, freestyle, and street moves. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are offered.

Attire: NO STREET CLOTHES & NO HALF SHIRTS. Black dance attire and Black dance sneakers. Hair must be secured back away from face.


A class focused on strengthening technique, specifically jumping and turning. This class will NOT participate in any recitals or work on choreography. It is specifically designed for dancer’s seeking to improve their balance, alignment, and expand their vocabulary.
*REQUIREMENT: Non-Company Dancers must take 1 other dance class or Acro. Company Dancers must take Company Ballet & Company Lyrical

Attire: Black dance attire. Hair must be secured back away from face. Ballet, ½ sole, or jazz shoe can be worn.


Learn to dance like the stars in this progressive ballroom/latin class. You will learn the basics, plus more, in social dances such as: swing, salsa, tango, bachata, cha cha, foxtrot, waltz, rumba, hustle, & merengue. Class sessions alternate between styles based off of class attendance.

Attire: Black dance attire, jazz or Ballroom show. Hair must be secured back away from face.

Acro Class Descriptions

Please Note: In the 1st week of classes, students will be skill tested and divided into appropriate groups.

Acro Together

This class is designed for ages 6 months to 2 1⁄2 years and includes a caregiver and their little one learning the basics of Acrobatics together. Music, motion, and balancing will be introduced to help increase spatial awareness and fine & gross motor skill development at an early age.

Pre-K Acro

Our program is designed to work well with our existing Pre-K dance program or on its own. It provides a great introduction to the fundamentals of Acro, as well as help encourage coordination, spacial awareness, and fine and gross motor skills.

Beginner Acro

Students will learn forward & back rolls, cartwheels, progressions, & 3⁄4 handstand kicks

Advanced Beginner Acro

Students will learn handstands, dive rolls (picked), front & back walk overs, connected cartwheels, & round offs

Intermediate Acro

Students will learn stretched dive rolls, dive cartwheels, side aerials, front & back handsprings, & round off backhand springs

Advanced Acro

Students will learn front & back somis (tucked, piked, & layout) & twisting somersaults * Floor elements for dance transitions will be taught in all levels and also include elbow stands, shoulder rolls, chin stands, and a Valdez

Attire: No loose or baggy clothing please. All hair lengths need to be secured back away from the face. No jewelry in class. Girls – leotard or fitted shirt with shorts or leggings. Shorts over leo and footless tights are optional. Bare feet. Boys – T-shirt or tank with shorts or sweatpants. Bare feet.

Aerial Silks

Learn the basics of flight in this class designed to introduce you to aerial silks. You will gain strength climbing the silks, as well as flexibility & agility in various poses, choreographic sequences, & drops. No previous aerial experience necessary. Wear comfortable and moveable clothing, preferably with sleeves and knee coverage.

Company Dance Class Requirements

Darlings 1 & Darlings 2

1st year Darlings take 1 1/2 hours of Ballet & combined 1 1/2 hour Lyrical & Leaps class. 2nd year Darlings students will integrate into “standard” Company Requirements of 1 1/2 hour Company Ballet, 1 hour Company Lyrical, 1 hour Company Leaps/Turns

Freshman 1 & 2, Sophomore 1 & 2, & Junior Companies

Dancers must take Company Ballet, Company Lyrical, & Company Leaps/Turns first & then add additional disciplines from there (i.e. Broadway Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap)

Senior 1 & Senior 2

Dancers must take Sr. 1 Ballet, Sr. 1 Lyrical, Sr. 1 Leaps/Turns + 1 other Sr. 1 class of their choice


Dancers must take Company Ballet, Company Lyrical, Company Leaps/Turns. *Note: Placement will be determined by teacher

Company Tap

Placement will be determined by teacher