Fall Class Schedule 2022-23

Start Date: Sept 9th, 2022

Dance Class Schedule (Organized By Age)

Intro to Dance

Mon 5:35pm, Tues 11am, Wed 11am, Thurs 11am, Sat 9:30am

Creative Combo

Mon 3:20pm, Tues 12pm, Wed 10am, Thurs 12pm, Sat 9:20am


Mon 4:25pm, Tues 3:15pm, Thurs 4:25pm, Fri 4:25pm, Sat 10:30am

Acro PreK

Tues (Mommy & Me) 10:30am, Tues 11:30am & 4:30pm(Full), Wed (Mommy &Me) 10am, Wed 11am


Ballet: Mon 4:25, Tues 5:35 (6-8), Wed 4:25(6-8)
Hip Hop: Mon 5:35pm(K-2),Tues 4:25pm, Fri 4:25pm, Sat 10:30am
Lyrical: Tue 4:25pm(6-8), Thurs 5:35pm, Fri 4:25pm(6-8)
Broadway: Mon 4:25pm(K-2),Tues 4:25pm(6-8)
Tap/Jazz: Wed 5:35pm, Thurs 4:25pm(full), Sat 9:20am

7-8 yrs

Ballroom: Mon 4:25pm(8-12)
Ballet: Tues 5:35pm(6-8), Thur 4:25pm(7-8)
Hip Hop: Tues 5:35pm(7-8), Wed 4:25pm(7-8), Fri 4:25pm(6-8)
Lyrical: Tues 4:25pm(6-8), Fri 4:25pm
Broadway: Mon 4:25pm(K-2), Tues 4:25pm (6-8)

9-11 yrs

Ballroom: Mon 4:25pm(8-12)
Lyrical: Mon 5:35pm
HipHop: Mon 6:40pm, Fri 5:35pm(8-11)
Ballet: Wed 5:35pm
Broadway Jazz: Wed 6:40pm
Tap: Wed 7:40pm


Broadway: Mon 7:40pm
Ballet: Wed 6:40pm
Lyrical: Wed 7:40pm
HipHop: Thurs 7:40pm


Mon 6:40pm, Tues 7:40pm, Thurs 6:40pm & 7:40pm

Strength & Stretch

Tues 4:25pm


Mon 4:30pm, Mon 5:30pm, Tues 5:30pm
Wed 4:30pm, Wed 5:30pm, Thur 4:30pm, Thur 5:30pm, Sat 10:30am

Musical Theater

Younger Group (5-8 yrs): Tuesday 5:35pm to 7:05pm
Older Group (9 & up): Monday 6:35pm to 7:35pm & Friday 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Company 3

Broadway Jazz: Wed 5:35pm
Lyrical: Wed 6:40pm
HipHop: Thurs 6:40pm

Darlings Company

Ballet: Mon 4pm
Leaps/Lyrical: Thurs 5:05pm

Freshman 1 Company

Ballet: Tues 4pm
Leaps/Turns: Tues 5:35pm
Lyrical: Wed 4:25pm
HipHop: Wed 5:35pm
Broadway: Fri 5:35pm
Tap: Sat 10:30

Freshman 2 Company

Lyrical: Mon 4:25pm
Leaps/Turns: Mon 5:35pm
HipHop: Wed 5:35pm
Ballet: Fri 4:00pm
Broadway: Fri 5:35pm
Tap: Sat 10:30am

Sophomore Company

Lyrical: Mon 5:35pm
Ballet: Wed 4pm
Tap: Wed 6:40pm
Leaps/Turns: Thurs 4pm
Broadway: Thurs 5:35pm
HH: Fri 5:35pm

Junior Company

Leaps/Turns: Mon 5:35pm
Ballet: Mon 6:40pm
Broadway: Wed 5:35pm
Lyrical: Wed 6:40pm
HH: Fri 4:25pm

Jr/Sr HipHop

Fri 4:25pm

Company Tap

Jr/Sr – Thurs 5:35pm

Senior 1 Company

Lyrical: Tues 7:05pm
Ballet: Wed 7:05pm
Leaps/Turns: Thurs 6:40pm
Broadway: Thur 7:40pm

Senior 2 Company

Lyrical: Tues 5:35pm
Ballet: Wed 5:35pm
Leaps/Turns: Wed 7:40pm
Broadway: Thur 6:40pm

Company Ballroom

Tues 6:40pm

Company Pointe

PrePointe: Fri 5:35pm
Beg: Fri 6:40pm
Inter: Sat 11am